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Own brand and maquila

Currently, we manufacture for a vast number of brands in Spain, from small businesses to important distribution chains such as Hefame (Interapothek) and El Corte Inglés.

Abroad, we produce for leading brands in Portugal, Germany, the United States and Hong Kong.

Beslan also manufactures its own brand of health food supplements, called Sotya. With sales in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


Provide customers with health supplements, nutraceutical and body care products of top quality at highly competitive prices; we want to be your company of choice.


To become the leading Company in Europe focusing in the creation, manufacturing and packaging of products aimed for the care of the body. We also want to be a reference in our sector worldwide, working daily to achieve the rare quality of NOT KNOWING FAILURE.


Integrity taking responsability for what we do.
Reliability manufacturing excellence and on-time delivery.
Price stability we have a network of suppliers that spans the globe and allows us to offer our customers both variety and reliability in our current volatile times.
Financial stability we offer our clients flexibility to meet their needs and particular situation, to help them grow and, in return, grow with them. We can guarantee price stability due to our capacity to stock big quantities of raw materials, this way, we are not affected by constant euro-dollar fluctuations.
Innovation striving towards continuous improvement always.
Communication to be in close contact with our clients needs.
Discretion we take our customer´s intellectual property seriously. All communications and information are treated with the utmost discretion and are never shared with other parties outside our company.
Flexibility to accomodate our clients´ needs.

BESLAN INC. is a leading health-food contract manufacturer.
Due to growing regulatory demands and high investment costs, manufacturing is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller companies. Companies must look for partnerships to stay in the market, and outsourcing is the solution to this. BESLAN offers diverse solutions to meet customer needs, such as formula development, laboratory testing, manufacturing, and packaging services.

Since its creation in 1983, BESLAN works with a large number of brands from the EU and abroad; this gives a solid background to be adaptable to our clients needs and diligent in delivering a job well done.
BESLAN, with manufacturing expertise spanning over three decades, can offer the stability customers require. Our company has shown a steady growth year after year, searching for innovation and perfecting our products with highly qualified personnel and constant investments in equipment and infrastructure. This way, BESLAN can offer its clients the best service. We offer a range of options to give clients complete solutions, starting from formulation to the end product bottled and labelled, ready to go on the market.

Over 5.000 square meters of infrastructure and estate of the art machinery, highly qualified and skilled staff, PhD´s, chemists, biologists and technicians with decades of experience in the industry. All of which can provide customers with both the “know-how” and the quality products they expect. Our range of services include: tableting, encapsulation, ampoules, oils, shakes, gels and syrups. The three pillars of our success are: capacity, quality and agility. For quality control, we offer in-house microbiological testing, gluten content, stability studies, etc. We also offer more specific testing with top external laboratories. This way, we can provide the quality the clients demand in a fast and efficient manner.

Beslan is fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant since 2004, in addition to meeting CCP and EU regulations in nutraceutical product manufacturing. We colaborate with external service providers who advise us on regulatory and technical affairs to keep Beslan abreast of fast this fast changing field.
All ingredients and production materials are quality-checked to ensure quality and consistency. We also perform regular process checks throughout the company to ensure our procedures meet our stated standards. We have ready access to the necessary quality control facilities, both in our own inhouse laboratory as well as external laboratory partners. This allows us to offer the fast and accurate service that our customers require.

Our goal is: “To Turn your idea into a reality”

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