What we do

BESLAN offers a wide range of solutions to meet our clients´needs. From personalized formulations, to a broad variety of formats and packaging, and a fully equipped in-house laboratory.

Tabletting: with state-of-the-art facilities, we can manufacture over 1 million tablets per day.
Encapsulation: with an installed capacity of half-million pieces, we offer both animal and veggie capsules in sizes 0 and 00.
Plastic ampoules: our facilities can produce 5 and 10ml liquid blister ampules, a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional glass ampules or PET vials.
Liquid formulations: we can meet any of your manufacturing needs of liquid plant extracts and syrups.
Quality control: we offer in-house microbiological testing, gluten content, stability studies, etc.
Labelling: we can offer self-printed colour labels for test runs and prototypes.

How we work

Once contact has been established we will provide you with a copy of our Terms and Conditions, where we explain in detail the steps we take and the details of what we can and cannot do. In addition, confidentiality agreements can be furnished prior to the disclosure of any sensitive information. From then on, and working closely with the client, our team will continually assess your needs and expectations to develop the best solution for you. After your aproval you will then receive a quotation and work schedule. All new formulations must undergo small trial runs before manufacturing comences.

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